Portrait of the Prophets

The newest version of "The Portrait of the Prophets" 2018 is now on the website, featuring President Nelson

Why Purchase From Us?

We carry artwork for your home, family or missionary. We will make sure you are happy with your purchase. We want your business and provide excellent customer server. We here to help you find the right art to help bring the spirit into your home.

Materials and Shipping

All prints are printed on high quality paper. Smaller prints are sent in plastic packages or flat rate envelopes wrapped in bubble wrap. Prints that are larger than 11x14 are usually shipped in high quality cardboard tubes to prevent damage.

Framed Art

Our artwork is not framed. This is actually a service to our customers. Most of the cost of art is actually the frames. We have found that by offering unframed art we can keep our print and shipping costs lower. Once you have received the art framing it will be significantly cheaper. See the Framing Guide page under Resources for framing ideas.


Most of our artists are those who were unable to break into the traditional Latter-day Saint bookstores. We showcase art and artists that you won't find on other websites.