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Doc Christensen

Doc Christensen - LDS ArtistDoc’s artistic passion is figure and portrait drawing and painting. With no formal education in art and illustration, his skills have been developed around his experience, personal study and what he calls "a set of God given talents." He began his avocation as a religious illustrator and portrait artist in the late 70s when he painted the "Portrait of the Prophets"; a depiction of all the presidents of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dressed is white suits and gathered in the Celestial Room of the Salt Lake Temple. In the past decade he has begun in earnest to establish himself as a religious illustrator with the goal of causing the viewers of his paintings to ponder in depth some of the important fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As he continues to pursue his career as a manufacturing jeweler he is trying to free more time to dedicate to painting.

Doc's art can be purchased on this website.

Brendan Clary

Brendan Clary - LDS ArtistBrendan Clary is a recent graduate from BYU-Idaho, where he received his Bachelor degree in Fine Art. Brendan was fortunate to study under talented professional artists while on full scholarship, and graduated in the top 5 percent of his class. Brendan hopes to use his artistic skills to express his passionate love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is especially fond of portraiture work where he can share the Savior’s Image as it shines through the countenance of others.

Brendan is currently working at his studio in West Jordan, Utah where he specializes in private portrait commissions other religious works.

It is Brendan’s desire to use his testimony, his service and his art to help bring souls unto Christ.

Denise W. Anderson

Denise W. Anderson - AuthorDenise W. Anderson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Valley City State University with a Bachelor of University Studies Degree in “Teaching the Family.” She went on to obtain her Education Specialist in School Psychology from Minot State University and a Special Education Director’s Credential from University of Mary. The materials in this workbook have been presented by Denise at workshops for national conferences, college clubs, and local church and community groups. She has spent years gathering and researching information and had much experience helping people of all ages deal with difficult situations and emotions. Denise currently serves as the Director of Psychology in a public education setting. She is happily married, has seven grown children, and six grand children. Denise is the author of the children's religious book called "I Have Faith" the first in a series of ten books in the "I will follow Jesus" series.

Jolynn Forman

Joylnn Forman - LDS ArtistJolynn Forman is a professional painter living in Santaquin, Utah. She has a degree in oil painting from Utah State University and specializes in portraiture. She is happily married to a very patient man and has 4 young girls, so her house is always full of emotion and drama! Other than painting, she loves to randomly choose a new project a week to try. So far, that has included giant paper mache dragons, fancy castle playhouses, and raising barnyard animals like goats (that project didn't work out so well). Jolynn's favorite thing to paint are children because "with kids, I get to not only paint their fascination with the world, but their imaginary dreams playing next to them." Her artwork is available for sale. We also carry a version of the painting with a little girl reading the scriptures with scenes from the scriptures of important women called "Woman's Voices From the Dust". We welcome Jolynn to the Prophet family. We are currently taking orders

Tim Bird

Tim Bird - - LDS ArtistI started drawing in Elementary school and continued thru to college, but I couldn't figure out how to make a living at Art, until 4 years ago when a met a great artist and he taught me how to improve my art and generate income. My art improved enough to allow me to start teaching airbrush and pastel techniques, and today we have 5 teachers in our private school and about 25 active students. Art is my passion and I am finally doing what I enjoy. Tim Bird

Tim currently teaches our boy Bridger in art classes at his studio in Orem.

Nathan Buhler

Nathan Buhler - LDS ArtistEver since my childhood growing up in Orem, Utah, I have loved to draw. During high school I tried painting for the first time and quickly fell in love with it. After an internship at All Things Art in Springville, I majored in Fine Art at Snow College for a year. After serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission, I began making artwork of Christ. My wife and I currently attend Dixie State College, and I have been enjoying art classes taught by Del Parson.

Chris White

Chris White - LDS ArtistChris White is our newest artist. We will be posting more of his work in the coming days. He paints and draws scenes from the Book of Mormon.