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Sacrament Meeting Painting by Doc Christensen - Family Art

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In Doc Christensen's own words: "This painting was unique from its very beginning. It would be great if I could take credit for the composition and message it conveys but in my mind, that would be like Moses taking credit for bring water from the stone in the desert. "Usually when I have an idea for a painting it starts as a simple seed and it grows as I play with the image in my mind, moving the characters around, imagining the lights and shadows, the values and the colors, eventually deciding on its composition after what might be weeks or even months of pondering and sketches, but this painting was different. There was no seed, no moving of characters, it was totally different. "I was sitting in church on a Sunday afternoon as the Sacrament was being passed and bang, there it was, the image was instantaneously placed before my mind’s eye just as you see it here. This experience has happened to me only three times and it has been very special each time." (Used by permission from Celestial Heritage) This painting helps members remember the true meaning of the sacrament.