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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards and are proudly hosted by Shopify.

How do you ship?

We ship using United States Postal Service, orders under $35 are 5$ shipping, all orders over $35 ship free. For United States Customers only. If you want Next day shipping please choose "Next Day" at checkout. Next Day shipping is $20 however, this options will not always be available.

Shipping Method

Standard Shipping Free
Next Day Shipping $20 however, this options will not always be available.
Canadian Shipping $10 USD
Alaska and Hawaii $10

If you live outside of the continental United States and you order a framed print you may be asked to provide additional shipping.

What is your reviews policy?

Please leave only accurate reviews that reflect the nature of the products. You may not use vulgar, rude, crude or obscene language in any way. If you seek a refund or are granted a refund on any product, you may not leave feedback on a products and will promptly be deleted.

Only those who have purchased from us may review a product. Reviews for by those who have not purchased will be rejected. Again reviews for those who have returned items or received refunds will also be rejected.

Do you ship internationally?

We do however, please contact us prior to placing the order for estimated shipping costs and time. All duties and taxes for international orders will be paid by the customer. Canadian Shipping $10 USD flat rate.

Do you offer local pickup?

Due to current events we can't offer local pickup. However, during normal times we will offer this again.

Since many of our orders come from Utah County or the Wasatch Front, those who live in these areas are welcome to choose local pickup. Choose local pickup at checkout. After checking out please contact us to arrange pickup of your items. However all Utah residents will still need to pay 6% sales tax based on the billing address. 

What do I do if I have problems with my order?

If you have problems with your order please contact us first thing. Then we can help you get your questions and concerns resolved quickly. Returns can be used at anytime or for any reason, just reach out we will accommodate.

The only product that is not able to be returned is the BYU poster. If you cancel before we ship we will cancel the order. However, there will be a $10 charge for canceling an order for  this products.

If you receive a refund on any product from our site, you waive the right to leave reviews on our site. Since you received your money back we will part as friends.

How much do I pay for sales tax?

Only Utah residents will be required to pay 6% state sales tax at time of check out. This is based on the billing address not the shipping.

What is this website's responsibility in regards to affiliate links or outside resources?

From time to time will provide additional resources. reserves the right to sometimes collect small commissions on products and services offered through affiliate linking on the website. If you purchase any product that is recommended but, not actually a part of the website hosted on, you are responsible for the purchase of that content and should contact the owner of the third party website, if you have questions or concerns regarding the products. We try to make sure that the offers that we promote will not harm your computer, will not be crude or obscene in nature, or give wrong impressions. If you have concerns with any affiliates or third party resources recommended on this website you are welcome to contact us and provide feedback.