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Framing Guide

After purchasing your new artwork you will probably want to frame it. There are many options available to you. Framing your art at a framing store can be quite expensive, however, in the current economy you might actually be able to get a good deal. If the piece of artwork is an odd size then it might cost you more.

If you are local to Utah county, Artist Corner (owned and operated by Tim Bird, one of our artists) offers custom matting and framing. Arts and craft stores also offer framing options, call ahead to find out selection and pricing.

The most economical option is to go to a thrift store such as Deseret Industries, Savers, or other second hand stores. The frames will cost only a few dollars. You might consider getting a backing such as a poster board to place behind the painting if the frame does not fit perfectly. Make sure you measure well before framing the artwork.

If you purchased a smaller painting you might want to go to a dollar store they have several smaller sized frames, however, the quality is not always the greatest.

By tastefully framing your new Latter-day Saint art you will be able to bring the spirit into your home and have something to remind you of what is important and what is eternal.