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Salt Lake City Temple Renovation Plans 2020 - 2024

Growing up I thought that to even go up to a temple you had to have a recommend. When we would go to Temple Square every Christmas as a family, I would feel that the temple was reserved for when you got back from your mission. I would see this big wall surrounding the temple obscuring her full view and beauty. I knew that it was something special but would not be able to get close until I was much older.The wall surrounds most of the temple to this day. The first time I actually got to go up to the temple and feel those pioneer walls, was when my sister got married, I had no idea that you were even allowed on the grounds. I could only see the temple from view of the tabernacle.

I remember watching an old filmstrip as a kid where a young deacon takes his younger brother, who was soon to be baptized, to the temple. He wanted him to touch the temple before he was baptized. He was immediate stopped by a temple worker, in a black suit, asking them why they were on the temple grounds, as if they were not allowed there, after the older boy explains what their reason for coming, they were loving told by the temple worker that they would make a exception this one time, because of his pure desire.

Growing up this was the mentality. Through continuing revelation we are able to see great changes. We are to see the temple as members and be able to access and touch and feel the temple.

Things are changing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, things are becoming more accommodating. The new changes taking place are going to allow people, Latter-day Saints and others, to access the temple for the first time without feeling like a recommend is needed to be in the outer courts. The wall around the temple will come down and allow for access to the temple from the North, South, West and East. With gates that allow a complete view of the temple. I can't tell you how excited I am to take my children to the temple to allow them to see the temple and to see the glorious Christmas lights around the temple itself reminding us whose birthday we celebrate. This should be fantastic news to those who frequent the SLC temple or see the lights and view Temple Square often. I welcome these changes. I don't know if the Latter-day Saints, the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really understand the significance and after 4 years of construction the impact this is going to be I hope to be one of the first to go up and to feel the walls of the temple and to remember what the Savior did for us and to feel the spirit of that holy place.

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