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Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints The Real Tough Guys

Mormon MissionariesWhile serving a mission in Florida, I met a man who had been in a rough spot, he was and is a member however, he had been to prison and was on parole, he was really trying to change his life but it was hard. He used to drive us around because in the area I was in we only had bikes. We got talking and he said the following:

". . . You know . . . you guys are the real tough guys. I always thought I was tough and that those in my gangs were tough but it is you guys who are the real tough guys, the people who I thought were my friend would suck you dry and then leave you in the gutter"

This has stuck with me ever since. I have still never thought of myself as a tough guy, but being on a mission was a tough time, but well worth everything that I put into it. I can't say that I loved everything about being a missionary but the joy I felt when someone like this great brother would come to Christ and change his life for the better made up for all the hardships fought.

You never want to discount anybody or decide that someone is not ready for the gospel. What if the elders who taught him had decided to cut him off, we would not have had such a great person who struggled but truly repented of his sins and was working towards receiving his reward. 

Be tough, serve a mission. 


Image Information: 7 December 2000 Flickr nateOne (cc-b)

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