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Great Latter-Day Saint Missionary Films

Are you looking for some great Latter-Day Saint movies to watch. One of my favorite sub genres is missionary movies.

I was not a big fan of God's Army something did not feel right about it. I still respect the film maker, and his choices are none of my business. However, there has been very few missionary films actually produced in recent years, but a few years ago they actually had quite a few. Here are some of the ones that I do like. You probably have already seen them but thought I would list some of my favorites for fun.

Labor of Love - This one was actually produced by the Church. Since the Church produced it the film has a more spiritual tone to it. I actually want to be a better person when I watch it. Might be a trick to find since there is no streaming copy of it however you can purchase a DVD from the church. Click here for a link the store for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Saratov Approach - Really awesome movie, it almost does not feel like a a Latter-day Saint movie.. This one I liked no girl friend back home, no dumb jokes. Shows the reality of life. We sometimes think that the big life saving events by God only happen in the scriptures this movie will help you realize this is not so. You can actually stream the movie on Amazon by clicking here

The Other Side of Heaven - This movie came at the right time in my life I was serving a mission, I was in Florida had been in Venezuela and the movie got me thinking about how wonderful it really was to be out serving a mission for the church. Disney picked up the rights, and some actual famous actors. This can also be streamed by clicking here

Errand of Angels - This movie is a great movie to watch on a quiet Saturday afternoon calming. Nothing really bad happens, shows the challenges of being a missionary. Since I was never a sister missionary (and I won't ever be one) I guess I never realized some of the challenges that face sister missionaries when they go out in the mission field. You can also get that by clicking here, no streaming but there is a DVD.

Inspired Guns - This is a great film although you may think a bit corny. I got a big kick out of it the first time I saw it. I don't want to spoil it for you if you have never seen it before. Just watch it with no expectations and see what you think. You can get by clicking here.

Suits on the Loose - I really felt like the director really wanted to make a fun film, not as well received as I think it should have been but a classic in my home. You can only get a DVD copy right now they are not streaming it on Amazon. Click here for the link to the DVD.

I love Latter-day Saint Films films, they get a bad rap sometimes for very good reason. There have been very few new missionary ones lately but these are the ones that I really liked.

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