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Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and Friends CD

I remember years ago when I was first married. My wife and I had the opportunity to hear the Oakridge Boys sing with the then Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square) for a patriotic celebration. It was fantastic. The crowd was so excited when the Oakridge Boys began singing Elvira the Choir went nuts. You know it would not be an Oakridge Boys concert without Elivra. That was so much fun! I love hearing and seeing other artists perform withe Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I enjoy the Christmas concerts that are performed every year. A new album has been released. This is a great opportunity to hear a mix of individuals who have sung with the Mormon that are quite famous. 12 legendary performers. I think it is a great opportunity for missionary work when there are great singers who come and perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square), because it draws other people to come see that we are not terribly weird. Click here to consider purchasing your own copy.

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