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Man's Search for Happiness (1964 and 1986)

When I first got married my wife needed a place to live while we were engaged to be married. My, then to be wife rented a small basement apartment on the other side of town while I was living at home. She wanted me to come and help her sign the contract for her place. The land lord's voice sounded ever so familiar. I asked him if he was the Judge in the film the RM. He indicated he was, found out his name was Bryce Chamberlain and he went to school with my dad at BYU. I found out that he was in an old film called "Man's Search for Happiness" since I collect films done by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I quickly looked for it. My locally library had a copy and watched the 1986 version on my mission, years later I found my own video cassette copy.

The film is pretty old and was only released on video cassette in the 1980s. They did a remake in 1986 with new actors but the original still holds its charm.

Recently the church released the films in streaming and downloadable mp4 format. This is quite exciting and wonderful news. I hope the church releases more films online.

To download the film you can go to the the following link.

Man's Search for Happiness (1964)

Man's Search for Happiness (1986)

Image is a screenshot from the 1964 version of the film. 

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