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Lest We Forget . . .

Yesterday I went to the video game store with my son. We were looking through the selection of old Wii games. I saw a World War II game called Blazing Angels that looked fun and I showed it to him. He had no idea what WWII even meant. Of course he is only 9, however, I bought the game so that I could have conversations about World War II and why it is important. I began to cry as I explained to him the treatment of the Jews.

I got thinking about my life and how pleasant and peaceful life was back in the 80s and early 90s before everything got so, politically correct and politically charged. That without the sacrifice of those brave solider who decided to stand up and save Europe and the world, I could not enjoy the freedoms which I enjoy now.

Growing up I would sit and listen to the old timers talk about the war and their experiences, many of those men have now passed on and the stories are lost. I want my children to remember the blessings so they don't forget what gave us hope in a better tomorrow.

Since I am a "Millennial" (even though I am on the older end) I can forget the great blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us as a nation and forget those who gave so much for us. 

I read a great book once called  Mieko and the Fifth Treasure about a girl who had been hurt after the atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, who found her talent again for writing Japanese characters.

The book made me realize how the Japanese had thought that they would be better off fighting the war, however, once the war was over the people soon saw the benefits of living in freedom and the fear was gone.

This may sound odd but the video game I purchased would never have even been created unless we had won the war had ended the way it did. Japan has given us so much by way of technology and culture that we would not have received otherwise. 

May we never forget our heritage and remember who were are. Lest we forget . . . lest we forget . . .

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