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Keep Trying - Encouragement

"Everything will work out" is a catch phrase that has lost its meaning to me. Every time something big, terrible and ugly comes into my life, the first thing that people say to me is "Everything will work out".

I heard a talk in Sacrament meeting the other Sunday that gave me a different look at things. In the talk the Grandpa had asked his little grandson what would happen if he put his hand into the big t-rex head that they were looking at and the grandson said "Grandpa don't worry that is just a museum it won't hurt you".

The grandpa giving the talk made the analogy that sometimes we look at big scary events in our lives as being more than they are. He said that when big things happen put them into perspective and just say that looks scary but it is just a museum. Things that happen don't last forever and we move on. I wish that sometimes I was stronger and could just let go and move past things more quickly, however, it can be tough.

This idea was such a great thing and has blessed me to see the hard things in life in their proper perspective.

Although I don't know you, the person reading this on the other end, I hope that you can find joy and comfort in the gospel and realize that this life in someways appears to be scary many bad things do happen but the Lord will ultimately win the battle and we will come forth victorious. My thoughts and prayers reach out to you all.

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