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Hebrew Book of Mormon | Chronicles of the Nephites

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no official Hebrew Book of Mormon translation. While I was serving a mission in Florida, my mission president was helping some Elders to teach a man from Israel, he asked for a Hebrew Book of Mormon. The mission president could not find one.

Why is there no Hebrew translation for the Book of Mormon?

Technically there is a translation, however, the Community of Christ (Reorganized Church) has a translation, which can be purchased and it quite the rare find. 

The Church does not have an official translation, but the questions remain why. No official reason has ever been given. The rumor is because of the agreement with Israel not to proselyte but that is just hearsay.

From what I understand the copy that was done by the Community of Christ, is called "The Chronicles of the Nephites" not "The Book of Mormon" which also there is no explanation.

Anyways this is a cool piece of history, you can purchase a copy on Amazon.

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