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Eduardo Balderas - Spanish Translator Unsung Hero

Eduardo BalderasOne of my heroes is Eduardo Balderas. Eduardo was the Spanish translator for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for many years. He was not always one of my heroes but I grew to love him during my mission. While serving a mission in Venezuela and Florida, I started reading many of then, the then Missionary Library in Spanish. Almost everyone of the books that I was reading said "Translated by Eduardo Balderas".

As I researched his story I was impressed by his understanding of the Scriptures. Spanish is a unique language, there are fewer Spanish words than English words. Some words just don't translate like, Expedient, the closest Spanish word is necessary or necesario. When you translate ideas like "Feast upon the words of Christ", it can't translate directly it would sound too literal, this phrase was translated into the idea of delighting in the words of Christ instead.

Another challenge of translating into Spanish is the considerations of different dialects and cultures. When it comes to English, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon directly into English so those who speak American English just have to deal with some of the "Kings English" archaic phraseology, and read it with an open mind, it would not make sense that the Lord would make 2 different English translations one for America and one for our friends across the pond. Spanish from Mexico is much different than Spanish from Argentina, so to create a translation that would transcend across all Spanish speakers would be a feat.

Eduarado Balderas grew up Speaking both English and Spanish, his family moved from Torreón México when he was a younger to El Paso, Texas. He had friends that spoke English and at home spoke Spanish. This crafted a love in both languages. The church later commissioned him to do the translation work for the Standard Works and other materials.

Who would have thought that an obscure kid from Mexico would be able to give a Spanish voice to the holy scriptures. In the Lords work many people dedicate their lives to the gospel and don't get the recognition they deserve, but recognition is not why they did the work in the first place. They did the work because they loved the Lord.

May we continue to remember those who have dedicated great time and resources to give us the blessings we enjoy today.

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